March 12, 2013

Mozzarella Tomato Spinich Mini Appetizers

I've been thinking a lot about what I want to serve for Easter Dinner this year.  I'm making healthy choices everyday because I want to maintain my new weight of 166 (down from 217)! 

Here's an example of my struggles... I sent my husband to the grocery store with the baby a few days ago so I could get a few things done at the house and he came home with 3 containers of his favorite ice cream.  I couldn't believe it.  I just laughed.  He's skinny and doesn't struggle with his weight but I couldn't help thinking about all of the cholesterol and sugars that he'd be eating.  It's amazing how much I've changed since going through this program!  I want to be healthy.  I don't want food to control me anymore so that's why I'm thinking about my healthy Easter Dinner options.

So after searching blog recipes I decided to make these cute little healthy treats for one of our appetizers.  It's something that I can feel good about eating while I'm cooking and spending time with my family.

And they are quick and easy to make!  That's always a bonus in my eyes :)

Mozzarella Tomato Spinach Mini Appetizers Ingredients
bag of fresh spinach, washed & patted dry
container of cherry tomatoes, each cut in half
low fat mozzarella cheese sticks, each one cut into pieces (about 8 per stick)
2 tablespoons of Wish-Bone Romano Basil Vinaigrette (optional)

Super simple... fold both sides of your spinach leaves over and stick a toothpick through them.  I used 3 spinach leaves per toothpick.  

Then add a cherry tomato half to your stick

Put a piece of mozzarella on the bottom so that your sticks stand upright.

That's it.  Simple and delicious!

Shauna's Tips
If you do use a dressing drizzled over the top you have healthy options.  Strive to choose one that has 5 grams of fat and less than 6 grams of carbohydrate per serving and trust me when I say that 2 tablespoons goes a long way when drizzled! 

If you are still on the program make sure that you refer to the "Meatless Options" for the Lean or Leaner cheese that will work for these appetizers. 

I'd love to PAY IT FORWARD!  If you are interested in learning more about how I lost weight please don't hesitate to use the Contact Me Form to send your information with the best time to call you.  I've found that a phone conversation is the best way to answer your questions since this program is tailored to your specific needs (medications, goals, work schedule, etc).  

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  1. This looks really good! Thanks for linking-up, Shauna. Btw, I know what you mean about getting to the stage where you WANT to be healthy. Feels good, doesn't it? :)

    1. Thanks Becca! And yes, it does feel really good :)

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment!

  2. Shauna,
    Good Luck with this new blog. The recipes look great. I am getting your e-mails now!
    Wanda Ann @ Memories by the Mile

  3. Oooh, so simple & tasty! Also love that they're healthy! :) Thanks for adding this to the Link Party!

    1. You're welcome Anyonita! Glad I could link up with you this week!

  4. Love the spinach being used in your appetizer and I always like something on a stick, makes it so much more special! Thank you for sharing at the ALL MY BLOGGY FRIENDS party :-)

    1. Thanks Linda! And thanks for taking the time to stop by all of the links I linked up this week and commenting :)

  5. This is so amazingly creative and PERFECT!!!! I love caprese kabobs, but this might have to replace them! I can already taste them this summer.....

    1. Thanks Sparkling for stopping by and commenting.

  6. Congratulations on your new blog :)

    I'm not into dieting, but I love these appetizers

  7. Delicious! Food on a stick is one of my favorites!